healthy, locally-grown grub


Mar 04

We have a special challenge today!!! Its a Boldo Bol mystery game!!! For a free bowl!
Someone has Mario Brotherd "The original G" can you guess who? We have a few suspect's lined up! If you are the first to come in and guess right, you receive a free bowl!!!!!
#1 Anneke
#2 Kim
#3 Paul
#4 Marina
#5 the boldo fairies

Mar 02

On Saturday Boldo Bol was lucky enough to help support MaxLove Project by donating Therapeutic healing broth. Featured in the picture is Chief Hope Officer Aurda Wilford and owner of Boldo Bol Paul Chamberlin. And a recipe for bone broth.

Feb 26

Come pack some delicious greens into the bottom of your bowl instead of rice!!!


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