healthy, locally-grown grub


May 26

Stop by Boldo Bol tomorrow and treat yourself to one of our " Make it your own " bol's of healthy, organic, locally sourced vegetables and protien to make up for the three day week end of BBQ and sweet indulgence.

May 22

In honor of the Veteran's from Santa Ana and the rest of our great country, Boldo will be closed on Memorial Day.

This World War 2 memorial was painted on the wall of the La Chiquita grocery store by local artist Carlos Aguilar on the corner of Custer Street and Washington in Santa Ana. If you get a chance stop by and pay your respects.

May 18

Thanks to National Geographic Photographer Mario Wezel from Hanover, Germany and Arthur Levine from Huerte De Valle Farms in Ontario for taking action shots of our crew cutting and cooking Huerte de Valle's day picked organic vegetables this afternoon. Hopefully our efforts will grace National Geographic's blog, website, or magazine one day.


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